Cosmetic Dentistry


Veneers are not only for Hollywood stars. The use of veneers is a very effective way to address a variety of imperfections in a patient's teeth, including crooked, chipped or stained teeth. The process involves the creation of custom-made shells using tooth-like materials, based on a model of your teeth that has been created by your dentist. If you are intent on having a beautiful, gleaming smile, the use of veneers is one very effective option that you may want to consider.


Often we use this technique to address a chipped tooth. This method involves bonding a material to the tooth enamel to repair it or change the shape or color. It is a particularly helpful method to fix a chipped tooth because using composite resin together with the patient's tooth enamel results in a color that closely resembles the natural color of the patient’s surrounding teeth.


There are a variety of products and techniques that can help brighten your smile. It is important to consult with one of dentists first before moving ahead with a particular course of action, because different types of discoloration are most effectively addressed with the appropriate type of whitening. In some cases, discoloration may be the result of a other issues, such as decay and whitening methods will not be effective. At Krol & Nazarov, we provide a range of services and products that we may recommend based on the patient's particular needs. For appropriate patients, we provide custom take-home treatments to bring back your bright, winning smile.