About Us

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In 1977, while still training in Buffalo, NY, Dr. Robert Edwards received a call from a Dental Supply Representative in Springfield, MA asking if Dr. Gary Delair and he would be willing to look at an opportunity in Stockbridge, MA.  Apparently, there was a new building being constructed in the center of town and the owner had promised the town fathers that he would try to bring some essential services to the second floor of the building, such as a doctor and a dentist.

Dr. Delair and Dr. Edwards drove to Stockbridge in September 1977 and met with the owner to begin the process of negotiation.  By January 1978, there was a lease in place and construction began to transform the 1400 square foot shell into a two operatory facility with a business office, waiting room, x-ray room and lots of room for expansion!  Dr. Delair and Dr. Edwards moved to the Berkshires in July 1978 and officially opened the Stockbridge office on August 21, 1978.  In 1981, the doctors were approached with another opportunity to purchase a practice on Main Street in Great Barrington, MA as a second location.  They agreed and started rotating between both offices, keeping them both open five days a week.  They quickly outgrew the Great Barrington location and three years later moved to Maple Avenue.  Five years later, again outgrowing their office, they moved to the current location at Lewis Avenue, a larger more modern facility in a converted orthopedic suite across from Fairview Hospital.

In 2007, in an effort to improve availability and service, they recruited Dr. Jolene Krol to join the practice.  Two years later, she became a full time partner and the practice was formally changed to Delair, Edwards and Krol, PC Family Dentistry.

In 2014, due to some serious back issues, Dr. Delair was forced to leave the practice and Drs. Edwards and Krol continued running both locations full time while searching for a new partner.  In 2015, Dr. Elena Nazarov joined the practice as a specialist in reconstructive dentistry and once again there were three.

The practice continues to grow and will continue to serve Southern Berkshires for years to come!